Fuggit®️United Sneaker Artist

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How to Enter Contest:

1. Purchase at least 1 pair of shoe soles to build your shoe upon. 

2. Upon completion of shoe post and tag @fuggit on IG.

3. Deadline - 2 weeks after receiving shoe soles 

4. Winner of $10,000 - winner will be awarded immediately after final public vote. 

Fuggit®️United Sneaker Artist (Open source project). For 7 years we have been creating sneaker slippers and designing conceptual sneaker soles. In 2013 we conceptualized an idea called United Stars and Animals (USA) which was later changed to United Sneaker Artist.

Through our journey within the sneaker industry we have recognized a shift from the corporate regime of major sneaker companies. In the past, many of the great sneaker designers of our time have been nameless ghosts whose ideas have been controlled and branded under a corporate identity. There have been countless ideas shelved, hidden, and killed because of system controlled art. But things have changed...

Due to the transparancy of information through social media we have come to know the stories behind many sneaker artists. Many of these merchant-artists have been able to self brand through and some able to sell their talent to multiple companies. We are now seeing many large corporations reaching out to these artists for direction if nothing else advertisement. 

We created the first sneaker using this sole as a reference to other artists. Our inspiration was the gothic vibe of the statue of liberty. The statue has always appealed to the idea of freedom and liberation from dictatorship. It is also a symbol of being united. This projects’ ambition is to Unite sneaker artists’ under a common art idea. 

We created these open source soles the for artist to create with full artistic freedom. This is a rare opportunity to create your own shoe using a unique sole.  Also, If you are able to create a functional sneaker with these soles you are eligible to win a prize of $10,000. Just post and tag the final product on instagram: @fuggit, and we will reach out to you to add your creation into the USA catalogue and inform you on when voting will start for the best USA sneaker creation. Thank you , One Love.