About Us

FUGGIT is a play on the slang phrase that expresses a leap of faith. Similar to "Just Do It”an internationally identified slogan coined by NIKE, FUGGIT expresses the feeling of getting up and taking action to a problem. It is more than a slogan, it’s a culture adopted by those who take chances and go against the grain to make a change. Throughout life, we often have ideas that get shot down by others who may not share the same creativity or vision. It comes a point in every person's life where we no longer wait for the acceptance of our peers and we say FUGGIT I’m gonna do something different.


The FUGGIT brand is a concept to parody the opulence of popular cultural designs through the art of handmade crochet and other forms of art. Through the sale of these crocheted slippers, FUGGIT aims to accomplish 2 things. First, to start the conversation about sneaker violence in the United States. Secondly, to use proceeds from sales to build our brand in order to create content intended to educate others on the reality of material violence and consumerism. FUGGIT hopes to align our company with NIKE, ADIDAS, and other major sneaker companies to be able to create art and information that will help them deal with their sneaker violence issues.  We believe we can help by creating products that bring the problem to the forefront and not hide from them. We believe art is the best ways to deal with cultural issues like these. FUGGIT sells at various vendors and sneaker conventions around the U.S. At these events we meet collectors, buyers, sellers, of all walks of life. With your help, we will be able to extend our efforts to other areas in which people aren’t as informed about this problem as well as be able to produce more products that make social fashion statements.