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Shattered Baltimore. Allegory of Baltimore Police Brutality. 

This is the first colorway of a series of sneakers dedicated to serve as a medium for expressing different US stories through the eyes of society. Allegory synonymous to the moral of the story challenges us to look at the bottom line issues of these American stories without any filter, or prejudice. 

This shoe colorway is inspired by the city of Baltimore that bleeds orange and black. The protests that I remembered in 2015 left images in our memories as a sea of black smoke and orange flame. I saw the largest city in my homestate shattered on TV. There have been countless police brutality cases before Baltimore 2015 butthis was the one that catalyst the BLM movement. The modern day element of civil rights protests has since been amplified . The Liberty face and spike used to give a feature of statue extending from the canvas.




The United-  Blacks living in Baltimore. 

The State- Brutal racist Policing.

The Allegory- Baltimore is a reflection of the entire country where large black communities are aggressively targeted and policed. Leading often to casualties.