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The first thing that popped out was the juxtaposition of the album art. To me the moon had always been referreced in dark grey scale. The idea of the moon has always been something symbolic of darkness with moments of ominous pale white glowing. Motm art used a gradient blend of Cudis facial profile and the Moon with a fluorescent sunset cascade of color. This image instantly creates a mind fuck to the minds notion of a grey moon. Without oversaturating the colors the visual seemed to radiate warmth somehow similar to the feeling of the colors of light you experience facing the sun with your eyelids shut. Ironically, his signature would become a radiating hum that has brought warmth and comfort to so many battling loneliness, anxiety, and depression. The album is more cinematic than anything i'd ever heard. The composition of narration from Common and the build up sounds made this album a library of music ready for film placement. The ability for Cudi to shrink and expand his sounds created so much rising emotion in this album. This was a rare moment where there was no "Genre bending" or "Hip-Hop fusion".  This was the hyperindividualism of an artist whos music could only be described as "Kid Cudi" music. With this album Cudi showed other artists' that you can become a genre. I think this moment was very special for creatives who want to dare to be themselves regardless of the existence of large industry machines like music industry. 

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